The Spark of Wonder

The isolated gnomes of McClelland Garden thought Rinn was long dead, but one day the adventurer returns with disturbing news—the world is much bigger than previously imagined and gnomes everywhere are turning to stone. To stop magic from seeping away, they must go on a dangerous adventure to find The Spark of Wonder, and present it to the thing they fear most—a human. Meanwhile a neglected boy, who many assume to be brain damaged, begins to see magical creatures in his backyard. Those creatures ask him to go on a journey and receive a gift. To all appearances this is a simple walk in the woods, but the boy learns there is more to the world than can be seen with the eye.

This isn’t another Harry Potter clone! The Spark of Wonder is a fun, fairytale adventure for kids and adults alike. Fairies, unicorns, trolls, goblins, gremlins, a witch, a wizard and a dragon all await the unlikely companions as they search for The Spark and try to bring wonder back to mankind.

The Spark of Wonder is more than a fantasy novel. It teaches lessons about prejudice and warns against the emptiness of materialistic philosophies.

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